Sprouting Melodies classes

Sprouting Melodies classes are separated into three age groups.

Sprouting Melodies I: 0-9 month

Sprouting Melodies II: 6-18 months

Sprouting Melodies III: 18 months-3 years

Sprouting Melodies® is a music therapy based early childhood program designed and led by Board Certified Music Therapists to create child-centered musical experiences for the whole family in each and every music class. Sprouting Melodies integrates all that we, as music therapists, know about young children, development and musical responses. Sprouting Melodies provides consistent music experiences through which the child’s overall development is supported and strengthened. Parents are given specific tools and music strategies to support their child’s growth at home. 

Betsy Gifford is a certified Sprouting Melodies provider as well as a Board Certified Music Therapist. All Sprouting Melodies classes currently facilitated by Betsy will be hosted at the Children's Discovery Museum in Victoria, TX. 

Children's Discovery Museum

Class sizes run from 6-8 students. Click on the link below to save your spot and register for a Sprouting Melodies class through the Children's Discovery Museum website!